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42 Queer as folk icons - Queer As Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Queer As Folk Fans

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42 Queer as folk icons [Jan. 10th, 2012|11:55 pm]
Queer As Folk Fans


Yes, you read right... I made some "Queer as folk" icons... which I haven't done in YEARS... seriously... in YEARS... But I joined this community - pairing20in20 - and well... first I wanted to go for Brian/Michael, but this round was a "free round" - so "only" the fandom was choose-able... which might have been for the best... I still took "Queer as folk", but after all this years of NOT watching it, I kinda suck... I would have been able to tell EVERY Brian/Michael Scene by the episode yeas ago, but well... I noticed I'm not anymroe, since I searched forever for one special scene... whatsoever... Since it was an "open" round, I decided, to NOT only make Brian/Michael Icons (even though they are the majority) but also other pairings... ;-)

Hope, you like them... :-) 20 icons are for the challenge, 20 are alternatives =)


My Table for QUEER AS FOLK over at bmshipper_arts